Dealing With Hazardous Materials When Doing Home Renovations

Posted on: 22 October 2015

When you decide to do renovations to your home, there are a lot of problems that you may encounter. Some of the unexpected problems you may encounter when doing home renovations can include finding hazardous materials. This can be things like lead paint, mold and asbestos building materials. Here are some of the potentially hazardous materials that you may encounter while doing renovations to your home:

1. Finding Lead When Peeling Back Layers Of Paint

Lead paint can be a danger that lurks when you go to paint the exterior of your home. It is a very durable paint the was used to paint exteriors for many years. When you remove layers of paint on wood features or siding, it is possible to come across lead paint. This flaking paint should be tested and removed by a professional contractor. 

2. Hidden Asbestos In Many Different Building Materials

In addition to lead, asbestos is another potential hazard that you may come across when doing home renovations. This is a mineral that is used to make many different building materials including siding, insulation, pipes and textured ceilings. If you have a home that is decades old, you may want to have suspicious materials tested for asbestos.

3. Buried Leaks Causing Water Damage And Mold Growth

Building materials are not the only potential hazards that you will encounter when doing renovations. Mold can also be a problem, which needs to be cleaned and removed. Mold can grow in areas like bathrooms and kitchens, where you are likely to have plumbing leaks. It can also be found in area like roofs or in a basement because leaks and moisture are present. In the attic, this can be dry rot, which is actually a type of mold growth due to poor ventilation.

4. Sewer Leaks And Gas Problems Hiding Under Your Feet

In addition to the obvious hazardous materials, there may also be problems that are less noticeable. This can be things like sewer and gas leaks. Raw sewage leaks can cause methane gases and bad odors in your home. If you notice any odors when doing renovations, you will want to have them investigated. In addition, be attentive for sewer smells at certain times of the day, such as in later afternoon hours.

When doing renovations to your home, there is a lot of potential to run into hazardous materials. If you know how to deal with the materials you encounter, you will be less likely to have problems later. Contact a garbage removal service to get the dump trailers you need (from an outlet such as Duffield Hauling INC) to dispose of hazardous materials.


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