Decluttering Your Office: Four Ways To Get Rid Of Unwanted Items

Posted on: 1 February 2017

Over time, your business may accumulate a lot of clutter. When you are ready to clear out your office space and declutter, there are several methods you can use to get rid of these unwanted items. Use this guide to help plan your office cleanup and create more space for your business to grow.

Rent A Dumpster

Even if you already have a roll-off dumpster you use for everyday trash, you may want to consider renting an extra one for your cleanup project. This will ensure your current dumpster doesn't become overloaded, and it will give you enough room to get rid of your damaged or broken items. Use the second dumpster only for the items removed from the cleanup, and reserve your existing dumpster for day-to-day business trash. Some items you can put in your dumpster might include broken office furniture, damaged filed folders, and old file cabinets. If you'll be getting rid of old electronics, work with your dumpster rental company to have these items picked up separately so they can be recycled.

Use A Shredding Service

Your dumpster rental company may also offer shredding services. If it doesn't, consider contacting an outside company to shred your old documents. This is an excellent option if you have digitized your files and want to get rid of old paperwork. The shredding service ensures your items are destroyed so they can't be put back together, so your clients' personal information remains secure. The shredded documents can then be recycled by the service, which can help your company remain committed to green business policies.

Rent A Self-Storage Unit

You may have items you want to remove from the office but still keep for future use. A self-storage unit gives you the added storage space you need so you can keep your office free from clutter. A self-storage unit is ideal for storing your extra office furniture, holiday decorations, or excess inventory. Consider renting a truck on the last day of your cleanup project to transfer any items you want to move to your storage unit.

Host A Business-to-Business Garage Sale

You can use your office cleanup project as a way to raise a little bit of extra money by hosting a business-to-business garage sale. You can sell old holiday decorations, cubicles, desks, chairs, or any other items that are still usable. Advertise your sale on your social media pages to build interest. You can also use this event as a networking opportunity, which gives your business a chance to make connections with other local businesses that might be in need of your services.

Take some time to prepare for your cleanup project and use any of these ideas to help get rid of unwanted items you may have taking up space in your building. With a little planning, you can create additional space in your building while making the decluttering process easy.

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