Don't Let It Build Up: 3 Reasons To Provide Garbage Removal Services For Your Tenants

Posted on: 12 July 2019

If you own rental homes and you're not including residential garbage removal service in your leases, it's time to consider a change to your agreements. Most apartment owners provide community dumpsters for their tenants. However, that service usually doesn't extend to rental homes, but it should. Here are just three of the reasons why you need to provide garbage removal service for your tenants.

Keep Your Property Clean

When you own rental homes, you depend on your tenants to keep the property clean. One way to do that is to provide monthly garbage removal service. That monthly service will ensure that your tenants take their trash out on a regular basis, rather than having it build up in trash bags around the house, which can leave your property looking less than pleasant. Not only that, but many communities require trash service for all properties within the city limits. Unfortunately, if your tenants don't sign up for the service, you're the one who will receive the failure to abide notices, which means you could be left owing a fine. The best way to ensure that your property stays clean and that trash ordinances are followed is to provide garbage removal service for your tenants.

Avoid Abatement Orders

If your town has active code enforcement officers, they probably travel neighborhoods looking for homes that are out of compliance. In most cases, they'll be looking for homes that have a buildup of trash and debris on the property. However, they'll also be looking for yards that have an accumulation of weeds. Unfortunately, if you leave your tenants to pay for their own trash service, they may not keep the property as clear as it needs to be. If that happens, you could find yourself being served with an abatement order. If the debris isn't cleared in a timely manner, your local code enforcement office may pay a contractor to do the cleanup for you. However, if that happens, the bill for services will be passed on to you. Make sure your tenants have access to the resources they need to avoid abatement orders.

Eliminate Pest Problems

If you're not providing garbage removal service for the tenants in your rental homes, you could have pest problems that you don't know about. When certain types of waste are not disposed of properly, the odors will attract a wide variety of pests, including roaches. Some of the waste that can attract pests include food waste, diapers, and feminine hygiene products. Providing garbage removal service will help you eliminate the worries of pests.


Learning About Garbage Removal Service Benefits

Hello, my name is Monica. At my first rental, we were tasked with taking all of the garbage to the dump each month. Trying to maintain order as the garbage piled up felt impossible due to the rats, cats and raccoons in the area. These pests dug into the garbage and spread it everywhere. Eventually, we elected to sign up for garbage removal services through our city utility company. I am very glad we did. I will use this site to talk about the benefits of signing up for automatic garbage removal services. I hope you will follow along. Thank you.


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