Recycle And Disposal Recommendations For Your Demolition And Used Construction Materials

Posted on: 24 September 2020

Construction of a new dwelling can require a lot of new materials, which traditionally come from new material suppliers. However, if you are managing any type of demolition or remodeling project, there are a number of ways you can recycle and reuse or repurpose the old materials and keep them from being tossed into the landfill. Here are some recommendations for you to use during and after a construction and demolition project, which will help recycle as many materials as possible and protect the environment from excessive landfill waste.

Recycle Materials

In a demolition project, there are a number of materials you can recycle. And depending on the new construction you are completing at the site, you can recycle some of the old materials right into your new construction. For example, broken up concrete from an old driveway, building slab, or foundation can be crushed into recycled aggregate and reused for installing a new concrete sub-base material. Recycled concrete can also be added back into a new concrete mixture as the aggregate and turned into a new surface without using virgin gravel. 

Asphalt pavement can also be crushed and recycled into new asphalt surfaces, as well as some asphalt shingles. Demolished wood from framing and other structural materials in a home can be recycled and chopped into a wood pulp that can be re-formed into engineered wood products and also mulch ground cover for landscaping.

Contact your local construction recycling company about recycling any of your demolition materials. They can provide you with information of local building companies that will use and recycle the materials or a recycle dumpster to help you with the recycling.

Salvage Items For Donation

There are other materials from your demolition you can salvage and donate to local organizations for it to be reused. Items such as old doors, windows, fixtures, and unused leftover paint can all be repurposed into a new construction project. Paint can be mixed with other additives to create usable primers for new construction. And tinted paints can be used for small improvement projects.

Fixtures and hardware that you remove during demolition have an important place in your community. They can also be donated to humanitarian organizations that provide building services to the needy and less fortunate to provide housing.

Dispose of Waste

With any demolition project, there is going to be waste you cannot salvage or recycle. This includes old carpeting and padding, damaged doors, windows, and other fixtures, and old or damaged insulation. These items may not have a reuse potential, so they need to be disposed of conveniently for your demolition project. You can rent your own dumpster from a disposal company, which can be placed right on site for you to fill. Then, when it is filled, the disposal company will remove it for you and transfer the waste to a local landfill.

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