Advice On Dealing With Tenant Trash In A Rental Unit

Posted on: 31 March 2021

If you have a tenant move out of a rental home and you plan on being the one to prepare the home for the next renter, then you want to follow some advice that will help you to prepare the home quickly and efficiently. 

Consider and dispose of everything as waste

When your tenants move out, you will likely find things work out best if you just consider the items that they left behind as waste and dispose of it as such. You may find that something they left behind looks good in the space and you may think about leaving it for the next tenants. However, there is the possibility that this could work against you for the following reasons: 

  • Items can harbor pests you can't see, and they can cause issues later.

  • Items can have damages you can't see that pose a problem later.

  • Items in the rental when rented will be your responsibility to fix.

  • Items left in the rental can decrease the options the next tenant has.

Have all the waste and other items out for pest control 

You want to clear as much as possible out of the home before you have the pest control company come out to spray. For one thing, a lot of pests and their eggs can end up being thrown out with the garage, and this means there will be fewer pieces of visual evidence to the new renter that there was ever a problem. Also, if you have more items in the house when it is sprayed for pests, this can lead to a greater chances that some pests may hide in the debris and escape the treatment.

Have the garbage all hauled away

Be aware that most garbage pickup services have a limit to how much they will pick up with the regular trash, so you can't just pile everything up at the curb and expect them to take it with the regular pickup. Also, they often have restrictions on the items they will take. It's best to have the garbage all hauled off at once. Along with the above reasons, there is also the fact that leaving garbage in the yard invites 'dumpster divers' to come in the yard and make an even bigger mess while they dig through everything looking for things they want.

Contact a waste removal company today for help disposing of trash left by a previous tenant.


Learning About Garbage Removal Service Benefits

Hello, my name is Monica. At my first rental, we were tasked with taking all of the garbage to the dump each month. Trying to maintain order as the garbage piled up felt impossible due to the rats, cats and raccoons in the area. These pests dug into the garbage and spread it everywhere. Eventually, we elected to sign up for garbage removal services through our city utility company. I am very glad we did. I will use this site to talk about the benefits of signing up for automatic garbage removal services. I hope you will follow along. Thank you.

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